"The company is focused on building the Intelligent brand in the Renewable Energy sector. This is being achieved by structuring a business strategy which puts the landowner first. We understand that word of mouth has been the reason for our growth over the years and endeavour to see that blossom. Presently ILI RE is working alongside set government strategies to push the growth for single rural turbines within the feed in tariff. This is an opportunity like no other for landowners to benefit from a government set subsidy for the next 20yrs. We at ILI promise to do our upmost to deliver for all landowners we work with."

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"Mark is a trusted client who has a keen eye for business opportunities and innovative market niches. Mark is enthusiastic, motivated and engenders highly qualified and eager design and business teams focussed on delivering results to company investors, Mark believes in big ideas and he is delivering. He also listens and takes expert council which is refreshing and wise, as a result he has good professional people engaged in his projects and giving advice"

Gordon MacCallum, Director, Keppie Design

"Mark is an entrepreneurial person who is hard working and determined to deliver results to his clients. He communicates effectively and has a high level of integrity and trustworthiness, and is also a likeable person. He has a deep knowledge of land and property and has the leadership skills to develop and manage a team of experts."

John Standaloft

"Mark is an innovative thinker, highly focussed on achieving goals and his enthusiasm is infectious for those involved with him."

Ramsay Duff, Partner, HM Corporate Solutions

"I have served on Mark's board for over a year and advise him on strategy and public relations. He is dedicated and visionary."

Michael Kelly, CEO, Michael Kelly Associates Ltd

"From the very first meeting with Mark Wilson back in 2005 I was impressed with his attitude to investing and to enriching the lives of others. Mark is a very astute businessman with real entrepreneurial flair which will be evident immediately you meet up with him. He is a young man with a very sharp, creative mind and a genuine altruistic attitude to his business, ensuring that his employees and his investors are treated with respect...very refreshing in today's climate. I have had the privilege of introducing a number of property investors to Mark's unique strategies and take great delight in hearing excellent reports from various individuals on his professionalism, sharp mind and constant positive attitude and drive to create WIN-WIN-WIN situations for all. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark Wilson as a trustworthy, hard working, creative genius, from whom any connection will result in a positive outcome."

Clare Darwish, Owner, Richbrits

"Mark is a highly motivated and entrepreneurial individual who brings creative solutions to the table. His personal, and client, successes are tantamount to his energy and knowledge, and above all his willingness to put his reputation on the line. I have enjoyed, and been rewarded, for working with Mark on many ventures and would not hesitate to recommend Mark as a business college and friend."

Crawford Jason, Finance Director, Boston Scientific Hide recommendations...