Mark Wilson hopes wind power will bring in cash to farming communities

A 79m wind turbine could be put up on farmland north of Dundee, generating cash for the community as well as electricity.

Proposal for 79m Bridgefoot Turbine promises cash for Community

The planning application for the site at Wynton Farm, near Bridgefoot, has come from Hamilton firm Intelligent Land Investment. The company is also involved in a proposal announced in April for a turbine on agricultural land a few miles away, near Inveraldie.

A document supporting its application to Angus Council states that it 'focuses on creating planning gain for renewable energy projects' and works closely with landowners to 'create commercially viable ventures where all parties benefit'.

This includes paying £2500 a year to a community group for the expected 20 to 25 year lifespan of the turbine.

No prospective recipient has been identified at this stage, but the company says it hopes to find suitable one based with 5km of the Wynton site. The three-blade turbine, which would have a 500 kilowatt capacity, is planned for a spot 670m south-east of Wynton farmhouse. The nearest house would be 535km away.

The document, prepared by renewable energy consultants Logan, claims that the turbine would not produce unacceptable levels of noise or shadow flicker. It notes that there are turbines north of the city and adds 'The closest area, most likely to experience cumulative impact from the turbines, hosts extensive electricity transmission infrastructure.

'The proposed turbine would present a tall but simple, clean structure, unlike the existing pylons. For these reasons it is considered that any adverse cumulative impact due to this proposal would not be significantly adverse and would not be sufficient to warrant refusal of this application'.