Feed in Tariffs

Launched in the UK in April 2010 feed in tariffs (FiTs) offered landowners a fantastic opportunity to generate energy and share in the profits this accrued

We at ILI (Renewable Energy) offered all landowners an opportunity to enter an agreement to develop single wind turbines on their land and take advantage of this superb prospect.

To Date: ILI have achieved planning for 89 single turbine projects in Scotland, creating over 40 million pounds of construction work and securing a guaranteed income for the land owners involved for the next 20ys.


About Feed-in Tariffs

The introduction of FiTs in 2010 presented land owners and developers with a unique opportunity to make an assured and considerable return on renewable energy generation for the next 20 years.

The planning process for wind-farms can be extremely costly and lengthy, for the larger scale wind farms. This typically is because of their visual impact due to hub heights of 80m plus and the tip heights of up to 125m. At these heights, environmental impact, visual impact, and even aviation impact needs to be considered. We, however are working with hub heights of 40m or less, and tip heights of ‹80m, which means they fall within consent levels and require less environmental impact reporting. As such planning can be achieved in months rather than years.

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