ILI (RE) Environmental Policy

ILI (RE) recognises the role our industry has to play in world which rightly demands a policy of sustainability, with as little environmental impact as possible, when it comes to energy production and consumption. Therefore we endeavour to develop solutions that have no undue environmental impact, are efficient, safe, and productive, and can be disposed of quickly and safely at the end of its use.


Hydroelectric dams, oil and gas extraction and refining, and nuclear power stations can all have a devastating impact on human lives and on the environment in terms of waste, decommissioning, health and safety and security during their lifetime.

At ILI Renewable Energy we concentrate on wind turbines as a wind turbine uses clean energy to produce electricity with no residual waste. A wind turbine can be constructed with little change to the surrounding area meaning the land can continue to be used for its original purpose. A wind turbine may on occasion stop working but not at the expense of a potential natural disaster. A wind turbine can be removed at the end of its useful life leaving a site the way it was before it was installed. With a wind turbine there are no lasting negative effects on the environment.

In addition we aim to be proactive in examining and applying strategies to be environmentally responsible throughout the supply chain and actively encourage environmental responsibility across our supply base. Also we promote the consumption of environmentally responsible products and services throughout our organisation and develop an absolute understanding of the organisation's environmental footprint and its effect on sustainability.

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