Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Contributions are an increasingly important part of wind energy developments across the country, channelling much needed funding to worthy causes. However, community contributions are not mandatory, and there are a number of local authorities across Scotland which do not require any such fund to be set up.

Here at Intelligent Land Investments (Renewable Energy) we aim to establish a community contribution for all our successful developments, including those which fall in areas where there is no requirement or indeed even expectation of such a scheme.


Intelligent Land Investments (Renewable Energy) is currently handling over 250 sites across Scotland. We feel that our involvement in medium wind gives us an advantage over those that handle large scale wind farm developments in terms of community contributions. We deal with farmers and landowners up and down the country, helping them to realise the benefits that the feed-in tariff can bring. The operators of large scale wind farms are only able to offer contributions to one or two charities or local groups. We, on the other hand, are able to offer to contribute to worthy causes all over the country.

Renewable energy can bring many benefits to the country as a whole such as providing energy security and reducing carbon emissions. Another benefit is the funding it can provide for charities across the country. Particularly in these times of austerity when locating funding is becoming increasingly difficult. Small charities working in local communities, for local communities, are feeling the pressure especially. Our aim is to direct funding from all of our successful developments to frontline charities, across the country, which work actively to make their local communities a better place.

Renewable Energy

It builds relationships

The Company gains the trust of clients, suppliers as well as local communities and local authorities. This impact positively on future development plans and makes our land development opportunities attractive to existing and potential clients and their friends and family.

It improves reputation

Commitment to improve corporate social responsibility performance helps us to attract and retain employees. It also improves our reputation with clients, shareholders, lenders and opinion formers.

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